Cabinets Supermarket, Retail, Display, Storage

Whatever type of  cabinet you require, Alltech can supply it or even have it custom made.

We have a wide range of makes and models of  cabinets. With our vast experience in the supermarket and  food  industry, we feel comfortable in recommending the appropriate case for your particular circumstance.

We handle all brands of supermarket cases available and will make a situation-specific recommendation. Whether you need a full or partial supermarket upgrade or just a single case.,

We also have access to a wide range of brands and models that are suitable for general food handling and retail.  We are particularly impressed with the Skope product range, among others. Our product range includes:

  • Upright display fridges and freezers
  • Under-bench display fridges
  • Cake display cabinets

Please call or contact us us for further information or product catalogues.